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Dan Desert Hot Springs, CA

I think my system is working & functioning properly?

Pros: <br /><br />1. I have a functioning system that I think is producing the proper power output.<br /><br />Cons: <br /><br />1. The HOA permit process was a mess. The first paperwork sent to me was for<br />a completely different HOA, not mine. I was told to send two seperate checks to<br />the wrong HOA as well for the permits. I had to practically call my HOA to call<br />the Renova HOA specialist to get the paperwork & permit process completed.<br /><br />2. My system was not installed by a licensed electrician. After the job was<br />completed & waiting inspection, I informed the office foreman that some<br />of my �Arc Fault Breakers� were not properly reinstalled in the new sub-panel.<br />Only then did a licensed electrician show up & reinstall the proper breakers<br />to comply with electrical code.<br /><br />3. The install process was rushed & chaotic. The crew broke 18 roof tiles.<br />When I called them on it, they said the would cement back together the ones<br />that were not broke completely. They would only replace the ones that were completely<br />destroyed. Only after I complained to the job manager at the main office was a <br />roofing crew sent out to completely replace ALL the broken tiles. I hope my<br />roof does not leak the next time it rains?<br /><br />4. I never got a followup visit from my salesman to walk me thru my system &<br />show me all my output totals & system functions. Also connect my system to<br />the monitering App. I eventually did all that myself.<br /><br />5. The crew left the manufacturer stickers & bright green quality control decals on the sides of my panels. I will have to go up on my roof & remove them myself. Not very profesional.<br /><br /><br />To Wrap things up. It was a bumpy install, but all is well & I am a happy Renova Solar Customer.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 5600

System price: $135

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes

Renova Energy reply 11/16/2021
Hi Dan. First, we're so happy to hear that your system is up and running well! Our Chief Sales Officer confirmed your output this weekend. We'd also like to apologize for the complications regarding the HOA permits, the roof tiles, and your concern over the arc fault breakers. We'll work to earn that 5 fives from you with our customer service!