Review for Titan Solar Power

Tom T

Communication Issues and treats their customer like crap

I wrote this review on google and the company deleted it. I previously wrote a review and received a response back thinking it was resolved early I deleted the review. I called to asked why my inverter was soo hot that I almost burned myself while cleaning off after a major duststorm. I was told not to touch it and then I was told I declined the solar 101 in which I did not I stood on my front porch talking to the two people that showed up and wasn't expecting at the time because I didn't receive a call they were coming at that time. I spoke with them for nearly 30 minute and I have video footage to prove and yet I declined it. I then reached out to the person who made the appointment with no response I have waited nearly 4 weeks for a response also they promised me a $250 card and yet I haven't seen that either. Promises are made but are never done. I do not want call anymore because they think I talk too loud it is my normal voice they have to accept everyone is different. People have different was of talking different accents but I should never answered the door for these solicitors. Below I have post four pictures one of a part that is missing and the others are test conversations that have not been resolved.

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