Review for Complete Energy Solutions, LLC

Office location: 6014 W 62nd Place, Arvada CO, 80003

Paul Gibes Loveland, CO

My Solar Experience

By the time I called a few solar companies I knew I was getting solar panels. Didn't need to be sold anything, just looking for difference of price and ability to answer my questions about the system. Only Complete Energy Solutions responded. So I got back to them, asked a few questions, and told them I'm still looking around for a price that best fits me. They actually encouraged it. In hindsight, it was wasted time. The rest of the process went smoothly. The first day I met with them was reassuring. We talked through the rest of the process, they answered questions, and brought a page with some of the most important info. Their estimates were positively shy. Estimated solar production was lower than actual solar production. Lucky weather perhaps? At this point I brought up my HOA and they said they would help with that. Not only did they help me provide the required HOA graphics and plans, they helped with city requirements too. It took 1.5 days to install the 14 panel system. Going so far as too match the paint color of the pipe to the side of the house. And at the time of inspection from the city I didn't even have to go outside. Truthfully, I completely forgot about it. The system passed and a few days later we got our meter replaced. Flipping the switch to turn on the system was incredibly satisfying. Knowing concerns over my energy needs are, essentially, over. Because I'm doing something good for the environment and my wallet. Half of the time I can independently get electricity and most likely sell some too from a product I'm confident in. The cherry on top is, I have a federal tax rebate coming in. A serious purchase requires a serious review. Simply put, I've only had good experiences with this company and the system they installed.

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