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We like our solar but.....we have been with Vivint since 2018....the first year our true-up bill was over $500...they said give it will equal 2020 our true-up bill more than doubled, so we contacted our representative and it was decided that we needed to add more panels, so in August of 2020 we signed a contract for additional panels. The panels were installed by a very competent man. He moved what needed to be moved due to new regulations, took photos and said they should be turned on soon. Between then and August 2021 there have been 6-7 different representatives from Vivint stating that they need to move things due to regulations but when they checked everything measures exactly where it needs to be so each one of them have taken more photos and resubmitted them assuring us that everything is good to go. We recently received our true-up bill and because after a year, the panels were not turned on...the true-up bill is now over $2000. When we received the true-up bill we went to the Vivint office in Bakersfield, they are NOT allowing customers inside so a gentleman stood outside with us and we explained the situation to him...he took a picture of the true-up bill....agreed that this should not be our responsibility since the panels have not been activated and he would get back to us (he has not contacted us or responded to voice mail messages or text messages at all. We have spent countless hours over the past year on the phone with a number of people repeating the story over and over again. A representative stopped by in mid August...said he was just doing a random check to see how people in the area like their solar....again the whole story was told to him...he seemed to be concerned with what was going on. Low and behold on August 27, 2021 our panels were activated. We have been on the phone with customer service trying to get compensated for our true-up bill...everyone we talked to says it is Vivint's mistake, but now since Vivint is Sunrun...we are getting the runaround saying it is Vivint's responsibility and Vivint is saying it is Sunrun's since they have acquired Vivint. We spoke to them last Friday Sept 10, 2021 and it was assigned a case number and put in as a priority, we were told someone would reach out to us in 24-48 hours....we have heard nothing...we called today September 16, 2021 and were told a Case Manager has not yet been assigned and we should check back next week. We are so frustrated.....this has gone on way to it time to take legal action???? Are they in breach of contract????

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