Review for KW Solar Solutions (MD)

I picked the right solar company Newark, DE

KW Solar: Professional, thorough, efficient.

By the time I sought out KW Solar, I had already rejected a different solar company (the system was too small for the price) and a generator installer (too noisy and costly for what I would have received). Subsequently, I did some additional research and narrowed my selection down to about three companies. Fortunately, I contacted KW Solar and Mike (a veteran) came to my house, discussed my requirements and shortly thereafter showed me his proposal. A few weeks later, the KW solar crew appeared at my house and installed my system. By the end of the second day, technician Luke showed me how to access my system's operational data on both the desk top and a phone app. Seeing the power meter running backwards was reason enough to uncork a bottle of Chocolate Yoo-Hoo. Four months later, and I have never had to call KW Solar for a technical issue. The system ran without issue, automatically, and without any generator noise. In addition, two days ago I used my utility/state rebate check to pay for KW Solar's installation of an LG battery backup. Now, if the grid goes down after sunset, I still have power. Thanks to Jackie, the KW Solar office coordinator, for talking me through the rebate paperwork. A couple of months ago, I had a chimney contractor come to my house and needed to have a couple of panels moved so they could do their work. At the predetermined time, Rob, the KW Solar manager, showed up with his men and the chimney contractor completed his work. In closing, the professionalism, attention to detail, and coordination are a testament to KW Solar owner Dale and his mother, who keeps the books. May God Bless, Mark E.

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