Review for Pell Solar

Paul M

Awesome Experience! Miles ahead of their competition.

I explored 5 other companies vying for my business. None came even close to the price, the detail, and the honesty of Pell. I worked with Jerimiah and every interaction was fantastic. They delivered exactly what was discussed and what was promised and in a way that was just great. Their crew was quick, efficient, non invasive and great to talk to. All my expectations were accurately set and then fulfilled. (Though done a way that I can only describe as exceptional.) Every competitor had to play salesmen to try and get my business(the standard "make it look, sound and seem better than it is" type deal + gloss over details, deliver less than accurate facts, bad mouth the competition etc. . ) Pell just doesn't have to do that crap and they know it. They offer honesty, a plethora of real, solid, factual and quality info. Also, I must add that this level of awesome was not just at the initial "sales pitch" phase either. They stuck to it the entire way through. I felt no difference from them after I signed the contract, unlike with most contractual based businesses. Also impressive was, when talking about their competition, Pell is real and has a reality based perspective on why the competition cant keep up with their price + quality work + service. These guys know they are the best and they know why and how and don't bother trying to put anyone else down or make defamatory comments. On top of that I had friendly, and clear interactions every single time. Even with the install crew. (cant remember the crew boss' name, but he was awesome also.) On top of the amazing service and interactions, I paid almost half of what one company offered and nearly %30 less than the next runner up. (per KWh of rated production) I know a good bit about the physics behind solar, what is important, impactful, the details that matter etc. . Stuff that most probably havent learned yet. These guys know their stuff and the tools/resources/software they use is just down right better. It has less "fluff" (garbage info) to deal with. It works where it matters and gives the most detail where it counts. There is no cluttery non impactful crap to sift through (lots more salesman mumbo jumbo on the competitions outputs') Prime example is their use of lidar scans to determine details about my specific location, pitch of the roof, trees etc. . that the competition just couldn't do (they used estimates rather than real data). These guys are awesome and at least with their current set of competition, no one is anywhere close to them. I would highly recommend Pell (and no one else) to anyone and everyone looking to get their solar install done. Go with these guys and you will have the best deal/experience out there. Hands down.

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