Review for Semper Solaris

Office location: 2505 Amaral Ct, Hayward CA, 94544

Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA

"Nice" People but Totally Incompetent and Tried to Inflate Costs

Semper Solaris is either stunningly incompetent or downright crooked, from my experience, seemingly both. If I were a former Marine I would be furious at their misappropriation of the Marine motto, “Semper Fi” (“Semper Fidelus” is Latin for “always faithful”). More fitting for this clown act would be “Simper Fly’” as all they did was feed me simpering BS and fly away from fulfilling their contractual obligations to me. I first spoke with them in December of 2020 about roof repair and a solar project. They made several errors on my initial quote concerning both costs of work and amount electricity generated (some of which I found and pointed out to them). After these errors were corrected and I signed and paid a deposit then they tried to rewrite my signed contract to increase prices by $7881 for additional errors they claimed to have found a month later. When I tried to cut them a break just to get my project done and agreed to reduce the scope of the project so they wouldn’t lose money because of THEIR errors, they sent me near daily change orders that significantly reduced the scope without reducing the price. When I called multiple people to sort out the mess, they were all very nice, but all I got were promises of actions that didn’t happen. This dragged on for months while dry rot continued to eat my roof. On top of all of this, they kept sending me DocuSign agreements that would give them authority to deduct payments directly from my bank account without even specifying amounts! When I finally talked to the boss of the guy who had made the errors in the quote, he tried to convince me that this is all normal in the roofing business! I finally told them that if they aren’t going to fulfill my contract as agreed, that they can cancel it. They wasted months of my time, caused me a lot of frustration and stress and now I am back to square one needing to get my roof fixed.

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