Review for Black Platinum Solar



Darien (a Black Platinum Employee) showed up at my front door about an hour ago. Now, I have owned my solar panels for 3 years and I submitted a 5 Star review after the panels were installed expressing my extreme joy with their service, kindness, and customer service. Today ... I was no less impressed. Darien shows up, rings the doorbell, and said that he was here to check my panels to see why 3 of them weren’t working. He asked my permission to hop up on the roof to have a look. After picking my jaw up off the ground, I said yes, of course. I told him I had no idea that there was an issue. He said that John, the owner, gets an email for everything these panels do, and that he was notified that 3 of the panels were not working, and that is why he was there. All I could think is WOW!! They are a small, family owned company, and they are taking care of each and every one of us, and monitoring every single detail for us. AMAZING!! In addition, they have employees like Darien, who are knowledgeable, helpful, kind and just all around great people giving special attention to the customer service that makes them even more AMAZING!! Thank you so much Darien for being a great and very pleasant guy, who was willing to answer the questions I had, your bosses are lucky to have you!! Thank you to John, and the rest of the crew for staying on top of all of your customers systems and making sure we are all in top top shape. We are all truly lucky to have chosen Black Platinum Solar!! You really are the VERY BEST!!

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