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Since its inception, Harvest Power has installed thousands of residential and commercial solar installations providing its clients with significant energy savings annually. This family-owned Long Island business is committed to serving its clients, providing them with the highest quality product and service at the most affordable price possible. Harvest Power takes pride in its stellar safety and client satisfaction record while staying on the cutting edge of new solar technology that serves its clients to the highest levels possible.

Founding members, Carlo J. Lanza, who originated Friendly Construction in 1972 and Carlo P. Lanza, who initiated the Harvest Power program in 2008, have a combined 60 years of construction, energy efficiency, project management and solar industry experience. In addition to serving as president of Harvest Power, Carlo P. Lanza is a former Chairman of the Long Island Solar Energy Industry Association and a past President of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association. He holds a number of industry certifications and is a key voice on solar policy and energy efficiency standards for New York State. Harvest Power is a turnkey solar provider. With over 50 professionals on staff, the company employs engineers, architects, electricians and solar installers who hold a number of key certifications from industry associations and organizations. The entire installation process is handled in-house by the professionals on staff. This includes designing the system, processing any permits, rebates and financing as well as installing and monitoring the success of the solar system. Harvest Power, headquartered in Islip Terrace, New York, has been constantly looking for ways to grow and better serve its clients. With steadfast resolve the Harvest Power mission remains the same ... Help property owners achieve their goals of real energy independence, lower dependence on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and allow clients to enjoy the outstanding, direct monetary benefits of solar power. 2016, 2017,2018 & 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award Recipient #41 on Solar Power World’s list of the Top 100 Residential Solar Contractors in North America


This company does not keep their promise.


Office location: Islip Terrace, NY 11752


Back to 2018 when i first met the sales person to discuss the solar system I asked if my roof size will cover my electric bill 100% she said absolutely and I told her that more than 3 companies told me the maximum you will get 80% , so i was promised that I will get around 11,000 kw /year , First the system is not covering my consumption which is 13,000kw/year at least. Second problem even the promised production in the agreement is not reachable yearly, what i get maximum is 10,000kw/yearly. To conclude this i was overpromised for my system and i paid for something I didn't get, when I called them more than 30 or 40 times with no response from the sales , company , customer service or even managers, At the end of many calls they told me higher position title will call you, I got a call in January 19th so he promised me that he will contact the engineering team and get back to me in the next 48 hours but herewith affter couple month I still didn't hear from him and he didn't even response for many texts I sent . Now I can tell this is the worst Idea I did and worst company I dealt with as after the sales is done no respect or responses at all . I'm ending up paying for the electric bill and for the solar as well . I'll see what is the  next legal action to take . Really bad experience. Then after several attempts they came back to me offering additional panels with discount as a new customer I just told them I need to fill my contract then the sales manager told me make it valuable for both of us we can give you additional panels and we can cover some of them. First offer 10 panels for $5500 and I agreed then after 20 days of calls finally he called me saying it was a mistake and I can't do it , Second offer $5500 for 7 panels he offered and I said 8 panels then he denied it. 3rd offer 5 panels $5500 and $6500 for installments , themes like they deal with me as a new customer not even try to find a solution to resolve there mistaken. They are really ridiculous and wasting of time . I'll hire attorney to find out my right. I need to get more panels to reach the production I promised and cover my electric bill as they promised me in the beginning of the deal at least 13000kw/year

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