Review for Qcells

Jesse Servidio Stormville, NY

Q Cells

I had done research and spoke to my installer about the different brands of panels. I was leaning towards the Tesla because that's the first band that comes to mind or LGs just because I have an LG phone along with other appliances and electronics and felt confident in the brand. Basically what they explained to me was that the Teslas are rebranded Panasonic panels and I read enough terrible reviews with Tesla customer service to be turned off altogether. And as far as the LGs went, I was told the Q Cells were just as good, looked slightly better, and had the same exact warranty for a fraction of the cost. What's better is I watched them install them, it's literally two plugs on the back of the panel like disconnecting an electrical connector on a car to change a light bulb. I'm fully covered but even if I wasn't I'm confident I could swap out one of these panels myself. I'm happy with them