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Energy Monster is your local green expert when it comes to improving a home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

We help homeowners by offering leading edge home performance solutions that save energy, lower utility bills and lead to a more comfortable home.

With years of residential energy efficiency projects, solar expertise and local partnerships, Energy Monster will ensure you a successful home efficiency project that will save you energy and money for years to come. 

MA CSL: CS-071498

MA HIC: 188796

MA Electrical: 22683-A

NH Electrical: 0481C

Jeff from Naples
Naples, FL

Total incompetence! Failed install! 11 months & not working!


Office location: Largo, FL 33773


I thought choosing Energy Monster of FL. was a smart choice to purchase and have installed a Sonnen Battery Back Up System with 6 panel array to add to our existing 25 panel system. Worse choice I ever made! Here are just some of the things they did wrong: *Never checked our house wiring before the actual install - or even afterwards! 9 months later they tell me our house has a "neutral ground loop" & that i should hire an electrician - everyone knows the installer is responsible for this- not the home owner * The wiring in our house- should have been checked for BEFORE the install *Wired the unit incorrectly- we would have failed inspection + very dangerous! *Never tied the old system to the new system they installed (found this out 4mos after the install) *They expected the unit to operate with just 6 panels- which would never have worked properly *Had me re-sign NOC because "they lost the original one" *Hired a new "GM" who promised they would take the system down and out of out house- but then Duane W. this supposed new GM refused to do what he promised- cursed me out and hung up the phone on me *Mr. J Leet the owner has NEVER called or emailed me to apologize or to try to resolve the issue(s) *They never told me at first that all 25 of our original invertors were "dead" the only good thing they did during this entire debacle was to change them for me for free labor *With all the down time the Sonnen has needed battery replacement 2x (luckily under warranty) *The orig installer for Energy Monster (who did not know what he was doing- or maybe he did the shoddy work on purpose....) quit claiming Mr Leet the owner owed him $$$$ The next 2 service techs he sent to our home were NOT certified by Sonnen! No wonder they could not fix it at all- even with Sonnen's help over the phone! Both of these "techies" eventually quit while im still left with out a working system! (turns off after 5mins after being turned back on) WORST CONTRACTOR I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH! Stay away from Energy Monster- do your research better than i did!

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