Review for Net Zero Solar


Great company, very good product!

My wife and I were very impressed with Chad Waits and his team.  His presentation on our patio (and we were all in masks) was very informative and thorough.  When the time came to install the solar panels, the Net Zero team did exactly what we expected.  They were very professional and answered any questions that I had.  It took about 1.5 days and we were off and running (although we did have to wait for TEP).  It's been over three months (two electric bills) since the panels were installed and we are very happy with the results.  Compared to last year's bills we already saved about $280 for two months. I specifically enjoy looking at the app and seeing how many kwh we produce vs what we consume.  Also, looking at energy independence, that measurement still has a long way to go. Our highest number was 47% for a day.   I guess this will hopefully increase in the future when storage batteries will become affordable.  So overall, we are very pleased.  Although we are usually happy when it rains, we are now also very happy when there are no clouds in the sky!

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