Review for Pell Solar


Top Quality Solar Installations

Josh and his team installed solar arrays at both my properties. They did an excellent job!! I started discussing solar with Josh in 2019. Both properties are greater than 6000 sq ft, more than 20 yrs old and all windows. Josh downloaded my electrical consumption from the utility and we had a candid conversation about what solar could do for me. It was clear that outdated electrical systems were a real drain on my consumption (boiler for radiant heat, HVAC and hot water heater). Josh advised me to switch to propane where possible and then come back to him to discuss my solar options. Of course everyone’s goal is to eliminate the electric bill. That’s where honesty and integrity come into play. Josh didn’t make unrealistic promises because he wants customers for life. I’ve now had solar at one of the properties for more than 2 months. The initial electrical bill came in and I’ve slashed the bill more than 70% (I’m a bit embarrassed how high the bill used to be). Here’s something that’s very important that told me the quality of the installers. One roof has more than 50 panels. They sit on a large black / composite shingle roof at a very steep pitch. The array is perfectly flat. Many have commented on how nice the array looks. In conclusion, after market support is a big deal. You get an app that allows you to monitor the solar production from anywhere. You can see the production of each panel and get production reports by day/week/month/year/since inception. I check it all the time :-). If I have a question I shoot Josh a text and get an immediate response. Great job Josh and team!!!!!

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