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YSG Where do I from? My Awful Experience with YSG began back in February 2020. After numerous of phone calls with Kenneth, the sales associate, pushing to sign the contract to have YSG install my solar. Upon our conversation he promised that the system will be fully installed before April of 2020 which of course it never happened because YSG doesnít have installers. FYI, YSG sublease their contracts, which means you are not dealing with installers that directly work with them. Finally, they scheduled dates in June of 2020, I would call out of work, but they would not show up for various excuses. This occurred three times! Finally, they showed up the second week in July, when they came they were unprepared missing many equipment and material. And to top it all, they didnít have a master electrician on site. I have contacted Kenneth, and requested to have the master electrician on site, he claimed that the electrician has a flat tire and they were going to send him an Uber, and of course that was another story, the electrician never showed up. The biggest problem was when the installers went on the top of my roof and began drilling, realized that the drawing that YSG provided was inaccurate and at this point was too late. YSG, claims that they get the best 4K satellite drawing of anyoneís roof which is incorrect because they had to modify the drawing to place the panels, which I felt bad for the installers since I wanted to get this project over with since itís been taking too long. Installers would have to run to Home Depot and to the warehouse constantly and multiple times for missing equipment throughout the day, as a result, the projects continues to be delayed. Installers came approximately 6-7 times including the time when I was away, and completed the project without notifying me so that I would release the loan money to them. The procedure for opening up loans, which YSG is most concerned about this, the only THING they will harass you for. They run your credit twice to apply for a loan from a company called Green Sky, this money, they use to buy their equipments. Then , they will run your credit again by Service finance, and they will tell you that you have 18 months without any interest, which they will HARASS you until you make the validation phone call so the money is released to them. DONíT MAKE THAT MISTAKE which I did, unfortunately!!!! You are releasing the full money to YSG, without passing inspection, which it failed the first time, which occurred October 2020. The panels were up on the roof without being connected from August 10, 2020. After a conference call with CEO of the company (David), which I will tell you all about my experience with him. David is the owner of the company, he will get involved when you call up your loan companies as you contact them to let them know that the project is incomplete and you wouldnít want to release the money. This man will sweet talk to you, he will state various laws, will assure you th

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