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Home energy is yours to control. You can harness the sun’s abundant energy to power the coffeemaker in the morning. You can store that energy and light up the dinner table at night. With solar panels on your roof and batteries in your home, the power is in your hands. Our climate is changing, and our energy system needs to change with it. Delivering electricity across long power lines from big power plants is leading to more power outages, rate increases, and dangerous conditions. At Sunrun, we know there is a better way. By generating and storing energy in our homes, we can share power across neighborhoods and our entire energy system. We have been building this future for over a decade, and every year it grows brighter. Now is the time to make your own energy. Share it with your neighbors. Build a clean, affordable, reliable future for the whole nation. Lynn Jurich Co-founder Chief Executive Officer

Saratoga, CA

SCAM!!Stay Away From SUNRUN!!


Office location: San Jose, CA 95131


We inherited the lease when we bought our house. They just lie that you will save money. We ended up paying more and are stuck with them for 20 years! They are charging us 37 cents per kWhs which is much higher than PG&E, and they increase it by 2.9% annually. The billing is so confusing because we are dealing with 3 different companies (Sunrun, Silicon Valley energy company that buys the electricity from Sunrun (just found out at 7cents per kWhs when Sunrun charges us 37 cents!!) and PG&E for delivering the energy). None of this was explained to us- all you hear is that you get credit on your PG&E bill- which is another lie. Be aware that your monthly PGE bill is low because it is NOT for your electricity use (that's just for $10 monthly meter reading and gas only), at the end of the year you get a surprise large bill from PG&E called "Tru Up" for your yearly usage. Once we found out all these, it was too late. it's impossible to get out of a 20 year contract because of the egregious penalties. DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU!!!!

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