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Encor Solar, founded in 2016 by a group of elite sales leaders, is one of America's top full-service solar providers.

The same founders previously founded Evolve Solar, the largest SolarCity retailer that transacted for $52MM in 2015.

Encor Solar is on a mission to expand life by helping homeowners to lower their carbon footprint through clean, affordable, and renewable energy solutions. Encor Solar has already helped tens of thousands of families in 13 states to control their energy costs through solar power with additional locations included in their scope for 2020. Encor Solar is committed to providing world-class equipment and programs to give homeowners the best savings. Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power, and switching to solar is easier than it's ever been with Encor Solar.

Homeowners can qualify for Encor Solar's Zero Down Program and simply pay for the power their solar systems produces.

Wichita, KS




We were so excited to begin installing solar panels to reduce our electricity bills but this experience with Encor Solar and their installer, Lifetime Solar, has completely ruined it for us. It was the best time to start generating (in the fall/winter so you can start banking some for the summer months) so it worked out perfectly. Too bad we didn’t begin generating until the following summer. I had to make any and all phone calls to get anything done; from delivering and installing the panels to getting the electric company and city code officer’s approval, all of which was the contractor’s responsibility. I spent at least 10 hours on the phone doing for Encor and Lifetime Solar what I was paying them to do for me. We signed our contract in September 2019 and did not begin generating power until June of 2020. The whole time I was paying both my electric bill (full price because the panels were not generating) and the monthly installment on the price of the system. Additionally, our contract included an online portal so we could track what we our system was producing. This system was not 100% operational until July 2020 and I’m out almost $600 in the difference. Every time something was wrong we were the ones having to figure out how to fix it instead of the company coming out to try and figure out what parts were missing. Every time I called Encor, I talked to people who sounded like they genuinely wanted to help resolve my frustrations and get my system working but it never failed that nothing was actually being done about it. Since then they have dropped Lifetime Solar because of the terrible job they did but refuse to compensate me for anything.

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