Review for ReVision Energy

Office location: 825 Acadia Highway, Montville ME, 04941

Coleman installation camden, ME

Service for maintenance and repairs is lacking.

We had a solar hot water system installed in 2009 and heat pumps in 2014. The installations went well and we really like the systems we have. The problem is to get anyone to come for regular maintenance or repair. You call, leave a message and you don't hear back from anyone for over a week. Call back, talk to someone who says they will look into it - same thing, you don't hear back. They have one person to service heat pumps. This has nothing to do with Covid, as this is the same one person they've had for many years. Because they did not plug up the holes on the outside piping covers of the heat pumps, we had mice that chewed the insulation off the piping. We wanted to know if it was something we could fix ourselves. After talking with several different people who could not give us a clear answer, we were given three names of other companies to do the work. Since most other solar installers only want to work on systems they install, getting service done is a problem. After much frustration, we called Fujitsu and talked with a wonderful tech who answered all our questions in less than 15 minutes. We fixed it ourselves and it is now mice proof. Now we have another simple issue - heat pump inside cover needs to be replaced - and it's been weeks trying to get a service call scheduled. ReVision loves to install, but are terrible about servicing what they install. Would not recommend them for this reason. Their service department is beyond terrible.

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