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Sun Badger Solar provides high quality, professionally designed solar arrays to home and business owners in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We treat each project as if it was our own home or business. Sun Badger utilizes the newest technologies on the market to insure your system is built to last, with only Tier One equipment. Our staff has over a decade of experience in the Solar industry, and can help find the best, most economical solution to your energy needs. We also have multiple financing options that can help make solar a reality for anyone on any budget! *Minnesota solar installations, including the mounting of panels/modules, are performed by a Minnesota licensed electrical contractor.

Apple Valley, MN

Wanted more money after contract was signed


Office location: Minneapolis, MN 55408


After a threat of legal action and a demand that I remove my reviews, I’ve amended this review to read as follows:

Sun Badger Solar made me a proposal to install a solar array on my home. I agreed to and signed the contract. Two days after I signed the contract - and after receiving approval for a loan for the system from the financing company Sun Badger partners with - they cancelled the contract and notified me that they would “not be constructing this solar project as it is stated in the contract.” They offered to “revisit it at a higher price.” When I asked what the price would be for the same service we had already agreed upon with no changes in equipment or installation, it had increased nearly $3,600.

I have never been treated this way before and deeply regret my involvement with Sun Badger Solar.


Alex, the sales consultant who made you this offer, did so without the authorization of management. His employment has since been terminated. The counter offer management made you, still has Sun Badger taking a considerable loss on the project. If this is not acceptable to you, then we believe "no harm, no foul". You have not lost any money in this endeavor, Sun Badger has not charged you at all. You are only out a few hours of your time. Our apologies, we would like to have you as a satisfied customer.

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