Review for LG Solar


LG320 Black on Blacl Solar Pan e;ls

I am very sorry that I bought these solar panels. I thought that they would look "modern" and "high-tech" on my roof. They work really well, no complaints there, HOWEVER, they are a high gloss black and that doesn't look good in an outdoor situation, (like on a roof, duh!). They are like a new high gloss BMW or Benz, they look great when super clean. But when they are dusty or dirty, they look like a very dirty Black BMW . . . I live in Northern CA, (Sonoma County), in a gated community, not in a dusty rural are where it doesn't rain from March until late November. I have climbed up on my roof twice already this summer to hose and brush them off. They return to dirty within 2 weeks. If I had it to do over again, I would have bought the LG NEON panels with the grid. They would not show the dirt -