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Blue Sky Solar is currently working in the Utah, Oregon, and Washington market area, offering high end solar options for very competitive pricing. We believe in owning solar power, not leasing it. For years buying solar was expensive, but those days are over! You can now replace 'renting' electricity from your power company to'owning' your own solar power plant and have this decision save you money right from the start.

Since every home is unique, we offer a free Solar Analysis for people who want to know what solar would mean for their home. You can choose your way to communicate with us, whether by email, phone or in person. Our goal is education, and if solar is right for you we'd be glad to help. If your home does not qualify as a good candidate for investing in solar, we will let you know that as well.

Thank you for considering Blue Sky Solar for your residential and commercial needs!


Unprofessional mistakes abounded


Office location: Layton, UT 84075


We chose blue sky solar after responding to an ad and have a productive talk with a sales representative. Once the project was underway things went wrong at every turn. Twice the office made clerical errors to lower the federal tax credit we would receive both of which were caught by me. The installation team showed up without all the necessary equipment causing delays and then failed the County electrical inspection. They returned to make the changes needed and instead did not make the proper changes leading us to fail inspection again. That caused over a month of delays from installation to turning the system on. The office team seemed to procrastinate on the paperwork until the last minute and then send the customer an email needing information the next day with no warning. After citing their “great track record” of receiving grants we were extremely unimpressed with their performance on that regard and did not receive said grant which was a major selling point during their pitch. Overall the system works, it is running, but every step of the way to get here was stressful and not handled well.


Hi Caleb, we sincerely apologize for your experience. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible service to our customers at every step of the process. While there were some unique circumstances that presented themselves during your project, we are very sorry that we disappointed you as we tried to adapt and fix issues that arose. We're happy to hear that your system is working well, and will continue monitoring your system to ensure that it is producing as promised. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you have a more satisfying experience moving forward.

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