Review for Solar-Ray, Inc.

Christos Anthony Montverde, FL

Had a very bad expierence with Solar Ray after signing a contrac

After meeting with owners and representatives of Solar Ray, I signed a installation contract for $150,000. + in December of 2017. After many months of very slow service and equipment failures my attorney finally gave them a dead line to finish the installation. After the time was extended and was ignored by Solar Ray. Before I decided to have a Qualified company finish the install in September 2019, I hired a solar engineer and an electrical engineer to analyze the work that had been done by Solar Ray. What they found were , many major installation problems in which the system could not do what they contracted to me to do. It is costing me appx. another $110,000. to finish the system so that it works the way Solar Ray contracted with me to do. Solar Ray claimed with a meeting with their attorney and mine was that I told them basically how much power I needed and I was shopping prices because I was on a limited budget. Both are absolutely untrue. What I was told to give them in the beginning, were 12 months of power bills and to mark all electrical breaker panels and what equipment they fed . They then again came out to the property and examined that information for themselves. I am not a trained electrician. I can do basic electrical work , but have no formal training. Buyer Beware!!

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Solar-Ray, Inc. reply 05/26/2020
Customer wanted to go off grid and peak point in time limits were discussed and agreed upon. These peak use limits were ignored. Customer was not misled and expressed a desire to expand the system in the future to make it less restricted in time of use. For sure the customer would have been sold more if it weren't for his own budget. Additionally, after identifying that the failures were due to overloading the system we purchased and were in the process of installing alternate equipment to handle the peak load but were refused access to the property.