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SolarEdge Technologies Inc meets all your energy needs in one residential solution: Energy Hub inverter with Prism technology. As their most versatile inverter, Energy Hub combines the functionality of all existing SolarEdge residential inverters in one, meeting a wider range of homeowner needs with the most sought-after solar system capabilities: Advanced home backup: never be left in the dark Preconfigured for EV charging: drive your vehicle on up to 100% sunshine System monitoring: maximize self-consumption and keep bills low Handheld convenience: take charge of your entire system via one app Future-ready: add products, such as Smart Energy Hot Water, as needs evolve A breakthrough in home backup: Paired with a battery and SolarEdge backup interface, Energy Hub takes on rising outages by keeping the power on even when the grid is off. It allows for more PV than ever before, enabling bigger system installs, more energy, more storage, and increased savings.

On my third inverter in 2 1/2 years



My 6000 inverter by solar edge doesn't seem to maintain its functionality. I'm glad their warranty is 12 years but it's been over a month and I still don't have an inverter replacement as promised. GC electric installers are on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. It's frustrating to not have solar production when you pay upwards of $20,000 for a system. I don't understand the lockdown excuse when nobody will be near IF they were to replace the faulty inverter.

How much do Solar Panels cost in your area

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