Review for Technicians for Sustainability

Job well done Tucson, AZ

Job well done.

They talked me through the whole process and quickly and comprehensively answered all the questions I had. They took care of everything and there was great communication throughout the process, too. Really took all the complexity out of the process. Then, when the second progress payment was due, I was out of the country for a few weeks and couldn't immediately send a check. According to the contract they wouldn't have continued with the work till I paid but after explaining the situation they continued anyway without any more questions (I really didn't expect or even ask them to). After the installation it took only a few days to have the inspection done (they took care of this, too) and have the system up and running. My neighbor had Solar installed last month from a different company (against my recommendation) and they had to wait almost a month for the inspection. After everything was complete, they checked back a few times to see if I had any problems (I didn't). I had noticed a few minor air pockets under the coating they had put around the stands of the panels, nothing serious and I wouldn't even have mentioned it, but as they asked, I pointed it out. They came out to fix those and in the process completed some coating on a different part of the roof where I had done some unrelated work but hadn't been able to finish, yet. Oh, and the online monitoring is way more interesting to watch than it's supposed to be!

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