Review for Affordable Solar

John Rolph Placitas, NM


We just completed installation of our solar project in February 2020, and it has been a dream come true every step of the way! I was initially skeptical that solar panels made sense for my home, but after doing my homework, and sitting down with the folks at Affordable Solar, it all made perfect sense. The process and costs are made totally transparent by the sales team in a clear, concise proposal the give you after assessing your historical electrical use. They can predict on that data how many panels and inverters your system and should be composed of, and exactly how long the installation will take. I was actually very pleased at how affordable our system was. Once we agreed to move forward, the assessment team came out, designed the panel placement, and ensure that our roof areas for panel placement were structurally sound. Affordable Solar does all the hard stuff (permitting, HOA approval, etc). The actual installation took half a day, and it was painless because the panels are on skids/sleds that simply sit on a flat roof with ballast blocks -- no invasive mounting into your actual roof. Once done, they arranged for all electric company inspections/certifications, which came quickly. To date, my system has actually performed better than was predicted, and my electric bill has completely vanished. My sales representative, Solve Maxwell, and my project lead Jonas Terwilliger, were absolutely AMAZING during every step of the project -- they make it happen smoothly, efficiently, and perfectly every step of the way. I am soooooooooo glad I elected to do this. I feel socially responsible, received a wonderful tax rebate, and am loving the fact that we are converting all this gorgeous New Mexico sunshine to energy. Thank you Affordable Solar for a job exceptionally WELL DONE! John Rolph

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