Review for Schneider Electric

Umzaan Pueblo, CO

Schneider Electric XW+

On paper they have a system that gives you the ability to run single phase and multiphase power, expand will multiple units to increase wattage and provide grid tied and off grid power. When it works - it works great. But don't go looking for support. None of their 'dealers' or 'installers' have more than a sales knowledge of the product. Even their experts in the YouTube videos skimp past some of the most important configuration settings. Worse, don't have a unit fail - there is no user support. Their 'installers', actually sales people at the retail outlets, who could not even configure one with the manual in front of them, palm you off to the 'Technical Support' number, which is not structured to support customers. You fill out a form which replies back with a case number. eMail says wait and they will contact you. Wait more than a week and a Tech calls. Less than 3 minutes they confirm that I'm not incompetent - it is actually a failure. So Tech advises that he is submitting an RMA and they will send a replacement. You have to swap out the faulty unit and return to them in same shipping material. No problem - except that 2 weeks later there is no sign of any activity whatsoever. The 'warranty' department is an impenetrable fortress. Even their technical department cannot get answers out of them and there is definitely not any contact info. The Tech states that the warranty department does not take incoming calls. Nice solid well made product with lots of features but ….buyer beware. You need to carefully consider before making this the center of you power supply. They will at least do a diagnostic with you