Review for Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects

Ron S. Cambria, CA

Capable and reliable installer of solar energy system

My wife and I were introduced to Sunwork at a presentation in San Luis Obispo on March 30, 2019 From that time on we worked with Project Lead Bryan Noel, regarding the feasibility and size of a solar energy system for our home. As we met the first criteria of an electric bill of under $100 per month, we scheduled a site inspection by Bryan. He patiently offered various configerations of the panels to take advantage of sun exposure and followed with recommendations regarding panels' efficiency, pros/cons of the various inverters and equipment warranties. After deciding on the number of panels, Bryan selected an optimal layout on the garage roof which took advantage of the proximity to the main (PGE) service panel and minimized the use of conduit for wiring. A major hurdle was scheduling the installation of the panel support mounts after the tear off and before the installation of a new composition roof on the house and garage.Bryan and his volunteer crew worked well and there were no conflicts with the roofers. Brackets and panels went up after the new roof was finished, followed by the installation of the solar breaker box and connection to the main electric service panel. Bryan handled the permitting and scheduling of the SLO County electrical inspection and assisted with the application to PGE for their Permission To Operate (PTO) the system and access the grid. Sunwork's invoice was detailed and came slightly under the quoted price. We highly recommend Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects as a capable and reliable installer of a solar energy system and commend Bryan Noel for being a knowledgeable and well organized Project Leader.

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