Review for Citadel Roofing and Solar

Office location: 4980 Allison Pkwy, Vacaville CA, 95688

Sol San Rafael, CA

Great customer service and finished product

Citadel did both our roof and solar last summer. They could do it fast, and for a good combined price. We are overall quite happy with the finished product and had good experiences with all the folks we interacted with. The only thing was that we interacted with a LOT of folks, and a few details slipped through the cracks -- maybe inevitable when you have so many moving pieces and we were asking for a few "extras" with the roof. We didn't get final plans for a couple details that were installed, and ended up regretting that. We also never got the inverter website connection working, so we just look at the summary we get from PG&E. Nonetheless, the company really did go out of its way to fix issues that arose, sending folks out to fix the solar panel on a attic fan they'd installed that was shading the other solar panels (whoops!), and even reconstructing a weird beam that their electrician accidentally knocked off (because it was terribly rotted and dangerous, it turned out!). While it is hard to find a single point person who can proactively address all these details, or get answers from those who can, this would benefit them as they continue to expand. The panels have been producing just about at what Citadel expected -- perhaps a bit under as a result of our particularly grey, rainy winter. We didn't get the most efficient/fancy panels, so we shall see how our Hanwha panels hold up over time, but so far, so good!

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