Review for ReVision Energy

Office location: 1980 Turnpike Street Building #2, North Andover MA, 01845

Jason E Arlington, MA

Well planned install that was fairly painless for me

We worked with Revision to install two arrays (20 panels & 15 panels) on the roof of our two unit condo. Each unit-owner paid for their respective array. Everything went pretty smooth. The pre-planning was well thought out, the technical site visit was informative and the plans submitted to my towns building department were very quickly approved. The actual install took about 3 days due to weather complications. Once the panels were wired and Eversource switched out the electric meter to a net-meter, we were off an running. Shortly afterwards, I noticed that our 5kw inverter was "clipping" at 4kw. I called Revision and they had a crew out the next day. What had happened was that our inverter was switched with our downstairs neighbor. Our 20 panels were going into her 4kw inverter and her 15 panels were going into our 5kw inverter. This was quickly corrected. A few weeks after install I had an optimizer on one of the panels fail so that only 19 of the 20 were producing power. Again, they had a crew out in a few days to fix it at no additional charge. I also called them after I had a water leak in our ceiling. I was concerned that it was due to the solar install, but upon further investigation I learned that our HVAC condensate drain had separated and was leaking condensate water onto our ceiling. Again, I was pleased that they responded so quickly to an issue that they weren't responsible for. My system went live at the end of October 2018 and we didn't produce enough power to meet all of our need through the winter. At it's peak, our electric meter showed a net of 450kwh used. However, we haven't had an electric bill since January 2019 and our meter is now showing a net of about 150kwh used. I expect that it will get back to zero (or lower) before we turn on the central air. Time will tell if it truly produces the 107% of the energy we designed for, but so far, I'm optimistic.

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