Review for Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC

Anonymous Des Moines, WA


Pinnacle Roofing provided an extraordinary experience exceeding all of our expectations. After watching hours and hours of roofing and solar installation videos and studying other peoples' systems, both our roofing and solar are more meticulously installed than any other roof or solar install I've seen anywhere. It really is beautiful. We unfortunately discovered a lot of rotten wood (trusses) under our roof during the process which added considerably to our project costs. Even with the enormity of added work involved, given how competitive Pinnacle's quotes were to begin with, we were still able to finish the project under the cost of some of our other bids and they still hit our schedule deadlines. This was a huge purchase/investment for us and I feel enormously grateful to have undertaken this with Pinnacle Roofing. Profound gratitude to their roofers who were so delightfully friendly and committed to the mastery of their work despite working in rainy winter weather. We were beyond blessed and thankful to have a roof over our house in time for Christmas despite all of the extra work. And big thanks to the solar installers who took the time to maximize the installation aesthetic down to every last inch of panel placement. It is rare that you find the most competitive cost, quality, and customer service all in the same provider. Thank you Pinnacle.

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