Review for SunPower by EcoSolar USA


Solar Panel Home Installation Review

I had been looking for a solar company for a while. A friend of mine told me that they hired Ecosolarusa in Orange County for solar panel installation. He recommended them because of their great service. I asked him a lot of questions, and he answered all I wanted and needed to hear. Immediately, I made an appointment with Ecosolarusa. They explained to me what I needed to know including the installation of the panels onto my house. After their presentation, I hired them as my contractor. I would like to say thank you so much from the top to the technical crews (electricians, solar panel installers) for your help. To whomever would want to install solar panels, do it now! The government will give 30% of tax credit, and I strongly recommend the Ecosolarusa company. You won't have to do anything but pay for the great service. You will be very happy after the job is completed.

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