Review for LightWave Solar


Laid Back Competence

I first became aware of the residential solar system at a friend's house. He is a trusted, no bs friend who shared everything with me, including the USDA grant process. After a great deal of thought, it occurred to me that this is about the closest to a sure thing on the investment market. Your costs are guaranteed by the Federal Government, or local utility district in writing. Essentially, TVA guarantees to buy every watt of power I generate for $0.02 more than it cost to buy it from them. You get approximately 30% tax credit (depending on the deal Congress funds at the time. It is quite a rush to get an electric bill that is positive in my favor. This is a very good answer for short term power needs. If we get enough solar power into the system, maybe we can postpone indefinitely, the building of a nuclear reactor. It is a safe, Profitable investment, that is good for the economy and the environment.<br />The folks at Light wave will hold your hand all the way through the process, and will even fill out some of the paperwork for you. I found everyone working for the company to be highly motivated.<br />If you have a 401k, you should consider adding a solar array to your portfolio. it truly is a great investment.

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