Review for Highlight Solar


Highlight Solar is outstanding!

I had an outstanding experience with Highlight Solar from start to finish. I researched this a lot and finally decided that I wanted to own the panels outright. I narrowed my choice down to two vendors, Highlight Solar and one other vendor who was slightly lower cost. I then started communicating with the two vendors to get their bid. Dean from Highlight was always super responsive and wonderful to work with. This was in stark contrast to the second company which completely fell down when it came to responsiveness and customer service. And this was even before they had sold me the system!<br /><br />To cut a long story short, I chose to go ahead with Highlight Solar, their price was extremely competitive and they had gained my trust. Dean helped me size the system correctly and helped me avoid going for too many panels. My system size is 28 panels of 300W each with Enphase micro-inverters. I have not regretted my decision for a moment. Dean gave me an installation date and Francisco and his team were super punctual arriving on that date. I had been told that the installation would take 3 days but they finished ahead of schedule in about 2.5 days! This was another very pleasant surprise. Francisco also handled the PG&E inspection and quickly made the necessary changes that the inspector requested.<br /><br />Dean and team were very prompt with all paperwork and I had everything I needed to file for my Federal tax credit. They also monitored my system and made sure the Enphase monitoring was activated and the monitoring application was working properly.<br /><br />A year has now passed and my system has been working flawlessly. I wholeheartedly recommend Highlight Solar as your Solar installation team. If I had to make the same decision again, I would go with Highlight Solar in a heartbeat.

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