Review for Highlight Solar


Sometimes you just have to say it ...

Sometimes you just have to say it because it is only right that others should benefit from a company that you have had a positive experience with. I don't write reviews often and I always take them with a grain of salt but I want to say that Highlight Solar left me delighted.<br /><br />Highlight Solar helped me over the hump and ushered me through a lot of factors like long term economic benefit ROI, good impact for the environment, proper sizing, impact to the roof and , frankly speaking , how to get the best aesthetic appeal while insuring I wasn't overpaying. There was no high pressure sales tactics. It was just a conversation about key issues and implementation among friends.<br /><br />I sincerely feel that Dean, Ali, Jesse , Doug and Sam guided me through the process well from getting to cost benefit/payback period nailed down , to site survey and electricity bill analysis done for ensure the proper sizing , to permitting , to picking the right solar materials , to setting up monitoring (pretty cool) , to getting all the after install paperwork done so that PG&E is in the loop and we get the benefit of the solar system.<br /><br />Highlight Solar did a wonderful job in guiding me through all things solar . All aspects of my solar installation from helping to understand education myself in terms of the best combination of solar panels , inverters (sunlight to AC electricity ) and racking (to hold the system on the roof with water proofing ). I have a tile roof so I was concerned about keeping my tiles intact . There are special hooks for that.<br /><br />Dean recommended a successful local Hayward racking company called IronRidge . For inverters, Dean had SolarEdge based in Fremont with award winning technology for residential with a monitoring app for every solar panel.<br /><br />Doug and company were polite and patient with me explaining to me what steps were being taken on my roof. He explained the process and what was going on to my wife.<br /><br />Ali helped to get the permitting which didn't take very long at all.<br /><br />My current electricity bill is -$10 and we have been running out air conditioning to our hearts delight .<br /><br />This is one of the type of projects where you need the right material at the right time installed/designed/ followed upon by the right people. Highlight Solar is high integrity , value priced , and technically competent company who played with teamwork that you don't see often.

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