Review for Sol Luna Solar


Very pleased

Mark Johnson and his company completed a PV 10 panel system at my home in November, 2016. I have been pleased with all aspects of installation and advice Mark gave me. Everyone did a professional job right, the first time around, which counts for a lot with me. The system is reliable and straightforward. Production on even partly cloudy days in winter exceeds my expectations. The roof of the garage on which the panels are mounted does not leak. The NM chief electrical inspector carefully described his inspection of my system and gave a full pass to the system on the first inspection. For the number of panels, Solluna solar offered the best deal. None of the 3 contractors I had initially asked for bids from had a sealed battery available as of late 2016, although all recommended a state of the art sealed battery. I find that a snobrum roofrake specially designed for solar panels is a must in my climate.<br /><br />There was some back and forth with Mark just before installation. The plan all along was to move to a hybrid solar system as my small electrical coop struggles with a lot of power outages. Initially, Mark suggested I get a simpler non battery connectivity inverter. But then Tesla came out with an announcement that they would be manufacturing a sealed 14 kWh battery with a inverted included- the powergen 2- starting January 2017. The issue in question was whether to buy an inverter compatible with a battery or not, as Tesla seemed uncommitted as of late October 2016 as to how they would handle inverters for established system owners. On Mark's advice I went ahead with an inverter that is battery compatible as we both figured Tesla would have to make some accommodation for established PV owners. I put a deposit down on a powergen 2 at the end of Dec and have not yet received one. This addition, which I hope Tesla will allow Sol Luna Solar to complete, would make my system perfect.

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