Review for Solar Symphony

Anonymous CA

Best contractor I have ever worked with!

If I could give them more stars I would. The whole process: from signing the contract to final approval from Edison and watching my meter go backwards took all of 3 weeks! Seamless installation, very friendly crew. There was a question on whether the inverter they provided me was going to be expandable for the future and it was determined that while yes, it was expandable for a few more panels it was not big enough for the potential increase of 10 more panels that I foresee doing in the future. They immediately put in an order for the larger unit at no extra charge! Everyone was very good at explaining any questions I had. They were even good about rescheduling my final walkthrough to receive my paperwork when I went on vacation. I will most definitely be telling anyone that will listen to give Solar Symphony a call and ask for Mike Curtis to come talk to them. He is so informative and not pushy at all. I can't say enough about the whole company. Be sure to include them as one of your calls for a quote. You will not be disappointed. The customer service of this company exceeds any I have ever had. Add in the competency of the installers and no pressure sales, you've got a winner! I custom built my house back in 2010 and dealt with every contractor imaginable. I wish everyone had the same attitude as Solar Symphony.

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