Review for Solar Symphony


Delivered Exactly What They Said On or Ahead of Time Each Step

As a 31 year military veteran, my life has been dominated by a "walk the walk" type of mentality. Don't tell me you can do it, show me you did it. Solar Symphony embodies exactly that approach. I started my solar project with two other companies (the planning) and left each because the actions weren't matching the words. I was being handled by salesmen who didn't know rudimentary things such as if the tax credits come off the top or bottom line which is a huge deal and indicative of their focus. Our PM was Mike Curtis and he always answered his phone, was completely knowledgeable, and very fastidious. He never told me one thing that he contradicted later whereas that was my experience with two other companies (and ones I did not seek by random draw...I read reviews and did homework first so they theoretically should be strong companies). Add to all I've said, they finished ahead of schedule with both install AND certification. Finally, they worked with me on ensuring my production requirements were met and I didn't keep hearing, "you can only exceed existing use by 10%" as I want to build a pool and also buy an electric car. Bottom line is they are rock solid and you can't go wrong with this company.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality