Review for RENVU

Anonymous NH

Great prices, good service, many choices.

I wanted to add an additional solar array to my house. I spent a lot of time researching products and suppliers and found Renvu to have the best prices for what I wanted and provided very useful information which listed everything I would need for the installation. After obtaining local permits and power company approval, I ordered the system. The parts arrived quickly and other than not including the end clamps to secure the panels, all was good. Customer service was great and sent the end clamps right away. 2 days to install on roof and I've added 50% more power to my system for a fraction of the cost of my original array. In the past 6 years since my original install, prices have significantly fallen and the technology had greatly improved. This was a DIY project (with help from an electrician friend) and I found Renvu to be a responsive and helpful solar supplier. They have great prices and a large selection of brands. No complaints!