Review for Sunspot Solar Energy Systems


Untapped Resource in the Sun Belt

Professional and quality installation by Sunspot Solar Energy Systems of Las Cruces, NM. Previously, we didn't pay much attention to the types and times of electrical use in our home.<br /><br /> Now we do. We can see when a high-wattage appliance kicks in (HVAC, electric water heater, etc.) on the panel meter outside and how the photovoltaics mitigate their power drawdown on the net usage meter. We also try to minimize our overall electrical use during the day to maximize the solar panels' feeding into the grid and thus lower or even eliminate our electric bill each month. Cloudy days will knock back power production, and we discovered a late December snowstorm can smother panels and choke off power generation altogether. But those are uncommon occurrences here in the Southwest. <br /><br />The next step? Reliable and efficient overnight battery storage and- perhaps in the not-too-distant future- energy independence. And if Janet and Mellow have that feature added to their company by that time, then I'd want their business. Solar power is a vast and relatively untapped resource of the American Southwest; it's time to bring clean energy into mainstream thinking.

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