Review for Banner Power Solutions


Professional, Courteous, Informative

We were initially contacted by a salesman who gave us a brief explanation of the product and its benefits. We were impressed by his knowledge and asked for a proposal. We met both Eric and Guy during the proposal and planing process and felt confident in their ability to carry out the project as outlined.<br /><br />Once the proposal was accepted, we were able to work with the company to schedule their work around our availability. Since we were out of town in the interim, it was very handy to be able to communicate via email.<br /><br />Upon our return (and replacement of our old roof), the crew arrived on time and worked steadily until the physical installation of panels, inverters, and wiring were complete. The crew were very good about answering questions as the work progressed.<br /><br />Once the work was done, Banner arranged for the electrical inspection and final connection to the power company. Finally, Eric visited us and connected us to the website that monitors our system.<br /><br />At the moment, we have no data to indicate whether the system is performing as promised, but initial results are encouraging.<br /><br />We have no hesitation in recommending Banner Power Solutions to other customers interested in exploring solar power.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support