Review for OE Solar


Good product, good price. That's about it.

Osceola provided a good product at a fair price. With that being said if you can afford to go anywhere else, do so. The unprofessionalism starts at the CEO level and is present through the entire organization. Poor communication, little to no organization and an inexperienced sloppy install where I'm still picking up trash that they left both in and around my house and worrying about the exploratory holes they drilled in my roof. If you can deal with the hassles and want the cheapest possible install then Osceola may be the best candidate. If you like some level of professionalism and not to have to worry about the install quality and future warranty claims then go somewhere, anywhere else.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

OE Solar reply 07/14/2015
We are so sorry to hear you are not content with the services you received from Osceola Energy. Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality systems and customer service care during their process in “going solar.” We understand that communication preferences vary by customer and if we failed to provide you with sufficient direction, we are truly sorry. Attempts were made on our end to remedy this situation during the process but were declined. Please be assured that our staff will take as much as we can from this experience in order to further improve our services as well as our customer care. We appreciate your input and will take it into account when dealing with future customers. If there are any concerns regarding the installation itself, we would be happy to come and advise and take care of anything that is within our ability to do so. <br /><br />Sincerely, The Osceola Energy Team