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Renewable Energy Corporation

We received a huge electric bill. Decided to look into solar systems to lower our bill. I Googled solar system installers and found about 5. Two were like dealing with used car salesman, very pushy and really not quite professional. The last appointment we had was with Rob from Renewable Energy Corporation. He was very nice and not pushy at all. He proposed a smaller system than the others had. Fewer higher quality panels less cost for the same production. As with any project there are hiccups. The team at Renewable have been very responsive to any and all questions/concerns we have had. After signing the contract and prior to installation I had a few concerns about the system, cold feet. I asked to correspond via Email rather than just phone calls. I was Emailed by Sherrie, the Operations Manager, she was prompt with replies and informative. SHe was also very calming. The folks that came to our home were prompt and courteous. The work was completed on time and looks seamless. We are very pleased with the overall appearance of our new solar system. The local inspection was scheduled and past with no issues. Renewable sent an Electrician out for the inspection. Andrew is out final contact person to get the system going and finalize all the paperwork. He is very pleasant to deal with and quickly resolved a few issues we had. Overall every person we have dealt with at Renewable Energy Corporation has been some of the nicest folks you want to meet. We are very pleased with both the produce and service they provide.
Oh one other small point. We live a good distance from their offices they have been on time for everything they did at our home.

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 11/01/2018


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