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The type of solar panels you choose for your solar power system is often a choice that is agonised over by those considering the purchase of a solar power system. In our experience less than 2% of complaints about solar systems actually relate to issues with the quality or performance of the solar panels themselves and most relate to inverters, quality of installation workmanship and sundry parts failing, (such as circuit breakers).

Solar Panels

Before starting this website I ran a solar power business for four years and over this time I sold around 20,000 solar panels.   I only ever had one solar panel that produced a known fault (ironically this was with a premium American brand called Evergreen) and I never had a single quality problem with any of the solar panels I imported from China.

However, panels are a long term investment and who knows whether specific brands or types of panels may develop more or less problems as we go further into their working life.

This is why the solar panels reviews section of this website is so important. It is important that consumers not only review their installer but the specific products they used so that other consumers, and the industry as a whole can make better choices about product selection.

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