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Everything you need to know about Winaico solar panels in 2024

Updated: July 7, 2017

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Norman Torkelson | 07/07/2017

Review added by Norman Torkelson

High efficiency German made panels that are also very efficient, continuing to produce electricity on cloudy days collecting diffuse light. Nice monolithic look and low profile installation makes for an unobtrusive installation that few people even notice.

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Joshh | Antioch, CA | 06/30/2017

Review added by Joshh

I honestly don't know one panel from another, but these are doing an excellent job of capturing the sun's power. They are consistent and produce more than I originally expected.

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Chai Lady | 06/11/2017

Review added by Chai Lady

We made the best decision we could, based upon the information we had in 2015. It was our understanding the newest panel, the WINAICO WSP-305M6, was not available until February 2016. Had we waited until the availability of the more expensive 305M6 modules, we could have missed out on the federal tax credit, for which the U.S. Senate ultimately passed an extension on 18 December 2015. As a result, we went with the 300M6 modules which were available, as quoted within the MSSI proposal we had.

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DavidC | 04/21/2017

Review added by DavidC

This is one of the top quality brands in the market.

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LewisC | Laurel, MD | 02/12/2017

Review added by LewisC

Production and efficiency are top tier per rated.

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B Morgan | 3001 Culvert Road, Medina, New York 14103, NY | 02/08/2017

Review added by B Morgan

From research I did on comparisons of various Solar Panels out there, Winaico seemed to be a good brand to go with. Winaico exceeds the IEC standards. I like the fact that there is 99% relative efficiency at weak-light. I have already seen this since my system has been up and running. We have had some very dark gray cloudy days with heavy rain, and my system was still producing solar power - although minimum wattage, it was still producing! Wincaico rates high in protection against weather and the elements, and that is important to me being I live in the western New York area.

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B Morgan | 3001 Culvert Road, Medina, New York 14103, NY | 02/07/2017

Review added by B Morgan

From research I have done on the internet, Winaico solar panels are rated very well! They are noted as having a combination of high efficiency, and optimized weak-light behavior - a 99% relative efficiency at weak light. They are also noted for their long term performance.

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qse | 01/05/2017

Review added by qse

We are impressed with the production of energy from our panels, even on gray days.

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SampsonJ | 08/23/2016

Solar panels performing better than estimated

Had Winaico solar panels installed on my home 3 years ago. The solar panels are producing very well and are actually performing better than installer estimated. I have monitoring, so I can view the daily production, which is great.

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Solarfreak | 08/22/2016

Nice look and high production

We have our solar system installed 6 months ago. We are very happy about the output. The system is over producing the projection. The panels have very nice look!

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zambono | 12/16/2015

Some performance issues...

20 260w triple black panels were installed, 3 have been replaced do to underperforming within 1 year. Good news is that Winaico is quick to replace under warranty, but I'm not happy with the 15% failure rate.

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