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Updated: May 11, 2019

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Mage Solar USA consumer reviews

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Tom | Melbourne beach, FL | 05/11/2019

Panels are great

Only one panel failure in 6 years

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Latest bad review thumbs down

rediranch | 09/08/2015

Mage Warranty

We had a Mage system installed last year. Up to about 2 months ago all seemed fine, but now our electric bill keeps going up and some of our panels show 0 production. Mage has pulled out of the U.S. I've emailed them 3 times but no response. What do we do?

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Johnson Ogbu | Lagos, | 03/24/2019


Quality good

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hanoch | 07/30/2015

this company has dissappeared

we have several installs with panels from mage, several of which are offline. this company is impossible to reach.

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Stephen Kohlhaas | 04/16/2015

warranty issue

I have 1 panel with issues and my father in law has 1 panel as well not performing. I was sold on a great warranty and great customer service. Mage usa is not responding and mage Germany says not there problem and refuses to help. What a joke.

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looperde | 04/10/2015

Mage Solar USA


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videocover | 03/26/2015

What happened to Mage Solar USA

I have had a warranty claim with Mage since Oct. '14. As of Feb. '15 they have disappeared. No phone, no web, no email. What gives.

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ECG | Cedar Rapids Area, IA | 03/16/2014

Great Partner

We have been using Mage for over 3 years now. We love quality of product and customer service they offer on DC and AC modules. We enjoy the quality Germany has to offer and has a great warranty. With our installed capacity of over 180Mw of renewable energy we feel that we have a good idea on what makes a good product. The technical support is knowledgeable and responsive. Purchasing is smooth and sales rep interaction is good. The monitoring is very good and the company works with the installer to continue to improve the product line up. Their continued effort for product improvements certainly show. Mage is certainly the best module producer in our eyes. We use or would recommend and continue to use them in the future.

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Greg Hering | 11/13/2013

Great company

Excellent german engineered company

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fatshark | , NY | 09/28/2013

MAGE Powertec 250/6 ML

Panels installed quickly and have worked perfectly. No issues with the roof, perfectly compatible with the inverter system. The panels come with a 30 year guarantee.

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dabble53 | 09/26/2013

Mage panel with microinverter

These panels are rated at 240W and include microinverts and networked controller (so that individual panels status and production can be gotten through a web interface). A separate inverter is not needed.<br />They basically work as presented, although at times modules fail to report and it's impossible to tell (without checking other sources like the power company's meter) if they are not producing, or just not reporting.

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Anonymous | 09/26/2013

works fine

No problems.

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