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E Proper | Ruskin, Florida | 05/30/2022

Not as advertised

System worked pretty good. Installed Dec 2018, but then the system stopped working on April 21, 2022. I didn’t catch it until May 5th 2022. I called them to get assistance to get the system going again. The salesman that sold me the system told us that they monitor the system and that in most cases, they fix any problems before the owner even finds out. I inquired on why the system was down for more than 2 weeks before I noticed it. They said it’s only the first year that they monitor the system to ensure it’s working properly, since they have to manually log into your system in order to check the status, they don’t have the man power to monitor every system they sell. It’s the owners responsibility. Which I can understand, but had I known this from the start, I would have been doing more frequently. They said they’d send out a technician. I patiently waited but never heard anything back. I called them back for an update on May 21, 2022 and was told a technician did come out and the system inverter needed replacement. Why I wasn’t notified, I have no idea. Then I was told they were waiting for an RMA in order to get a replacement inverter and it will take between 8 - 10 weeks, but with the supply shortages it would probably take much much longer than that. So now for the next few months at a minimum, I have to pay the $213 payment for the system and my full electric bill, which averaged at $225 per month prior to the install. So beware, they don’t monitor the system, they don’t have replacement parts in stock for when systems fail, their communication with customers is pretty non-existent, and you may need to pay for both the system and your full electric bill for at least 2 months with a system failure. *If US Solar decides to respond to my review with their typical, “we’re sorry we couldn’t help you because you left a review”, save it. The time for you to help was during the multiple calls I’ve had over this issue and others. It’s obvious reading through your reviews, you’re companies back end is seriously lacking. There were many inaccurate statements that were conveyed during the sales pitch. The first, being told my system was a 9.6 kW solar system, but an inverter being installed that can only handle 7.5 kW, which I was told would be replaced with a 10kW inverter, but that still hasn’t happened. I understand the concept of “clipping” and undersizing, but come on. I could have saved a bundle on the excessive panels I was sold. 2.1 kW is almost 25% of the total system production and cutting that at least in half could have saved me thousands of dollars. on labor and panel costs. Another was not being told that if there’s a power outage, my panels would not supply power during the daytime to my home. Yes I was told that the system would not supply power to Teco, due to safety risk to Teco techs trying to restore power, but I wasn’t told the system would be completely worthless during the power outage to my own house! Also, no one to this day has responded to my call about your plumbing contractor damaging my house while drilling the drain for the hybrid water heater, that blew out a a 4” section of the stucco around the drain. **Do your own research people. I hope this review helps others see some of the pitfalls that can happen to you if you decide to go solar with this company. Solar sounds great, but as you can see it’s really a wash. My electric bill averaged $225, and the loan payment for the system is $213. TECO charges a base fee of $21.54, even when you don’t receive any power from them. So really, you don’t save anything from going solar, especially when your systems going to be down for months when parts break, which will happen eventually. Then you’re stuck paying for both.

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