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Updated: 20 July 2021

Installing solar since 2016

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Another happy customer | Cassel, California | 08/21/2021

12.5 Kwh and its almost paid for itself in just 8 years!!!!!!!!

Top Hat Solar in Redding CA. is an outstanding company. From start to finish they have been professional and attentive. Unfortunately the inverters I bought have had problems. All of them have had to be replaced, but the good news is that I bought them from Top Hat Solar and fortunately for us, all their customers, they honor their warranties. All 3 inverters have needed to be replaced ( I was offered an upgrade for pennies on the dollar from the manufacturer ) after 7 and a half years and Top Hat has handled every aspect of the exchange. My inverters were a fluke problem. Unusual and I'm lucky that I'm a Top Hat customer. They won't ignore you after the install. They treat you as a valued customer. All I had to do was let Jeremy at Top Hat know I had a problem and they handled it from that moment until completion. The panels look great, the inverters look great and the employees are all great to deal with. This system is incredible. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely deal exclusively with Top Hat Solar of Redding. Also, on a side note, the value of my house rose by the cost of the installed system so If I were to sell my house I would get every dollar of the cost of the system back plus the money I've saved over the past 7 years of not having an electric bill.... AT ALL.... AND I've done my part to lower my carbon foot print. Win win win win!!!! I wanted the system oversized so when my gas water heater goes out I can install an on demand electric. I can supplement the gas space heating with electric and lower my propane bill. Oversizing my system was the right choice for me. I've never had an electric bill in the past 7 years. Thanks Top Hat Solar for your 5 star service.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Mike P | Redding, California | 10/04/2021

Look Elsewhere for Excellence, Integrity, and Reliability

Top Hat was the company I really expected and wanted to love--I chose them over a less expensive competitor. The people are very friendly, and it's a local business, which I try to support. However, if I had to do it all over again, I would not choose Top Hat and cannot recommend them to anyone. CONS: - Communication was lacking from Top Hat to me and between Top Hat employees. The crew disappeared from my project for a month without ever telling me they'd be gone or why they weren't coming back. I told one member numerous things I wanted done, but that wasn't communicated to the work crew, so many things were done opposite of what I asked. They also don't keep their word--I discovered a problem at the end of August. Twice they've told me someone would come out to fix it, and nobody ever came. It's been over a month and the problem still exists. - The crew is genuinely horrible at cleaning up. They left construction debris and drinking bottles all around, which I repeatedly cleaned up throughout the duration of the project. - Attention to detail is lacking, overall. This was evident in wires left not zip tied in my solar array, mounting locations of boxes (my generator plug box was wiggly), and the overall condition they left the site in (debris, trash, and ruts). - Every time I mow my property, I am reminded of how Top Hat left my yard in worse condition than they found it as my lawn tractor slams into the ruts and channels they left behind from their trailers and trucks being driven all over the front of my yard. This could have been mitigated by laying plywood on the ground before driving and parking on the dirt or parking at the top of the driveway. They only smoothed out their trench in one part of the yard, leaving me to do the rest of the yard by hand. - The company was verbally responsive when I raised my complaints, but, ultimately, the actions did not improve in the subsequent months they were on my property doing work. PROS: - They installed a solid system that produces many kilowatts of energy each day. I love feeling free from PG&E bill-shock! - The solar array just looks cool. BOTTOM LINE: When all is said and done, Top Hat installed a system that delivers the power they said it would. However, I feel that ANY solar company can accomplish this. The process of getting solar installed by Top Hat was sub-par and very frustrating for me, and now it seems they aren't standing behind their installation. If I had to do it over again, I would not have chosen Top Hat and cannot recommend them to anyone.

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Amy Bloch | Eureka, California | 07/20/2021

This place was fantastic.

I am new to solar power and the people here really took the time not only to explain their products fully but also empower me with knowledge about solar science! They went above and beyond both when I called on the phone and when I stopped in to the shop. I'm very happy I went to Top Hat and I so appreciate their help.

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Paul Allen | Igo, California | 09/03/2020

Top Hat Energy

We have used Top Hat for 6 years. Any problems have been resolved in a timely manner. Top Hat is locally owned. Jeremy is very helpful and knowledgeable. Paul and Anne Allen

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Richard C. | Redding, California | 06/25/2019

Far Exceeded Expectations

I first heard Jeremy Hufft being interviewed on a local radio station in October of 2016 and was impressed by his knowledge, candor, and by his responses to questions posed by both the program hosts and callers.

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Willda | Redding, California | 06/23/2019

Not very knowledgeable

It was bad from start to finish inverter installed by bad electrician lots of unkept promise

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10k system including Main panel | Redding , CA | 03/29/2019

Knowledgeable experienced great workmanship

From the initial evaluation through completion the staff at Tophat demonstrated their competence and determination to get everything right. In addition to the roof top panels , inverter , complete main panel upgrade. Critical needs sub panel , generator link they also installed a Grundfos solar well pump with its own panel mounted on a super looking rack. The challenge of threading a float switch wire through buried and blocked conduit was particularly difficult. They got it done saving me the expense of re trenching

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Bill Cole | Millville, California | 02/01/2019


I have to say that this is probably one of the better decisions I've made in the last few years.<br /> First of all, the payback at ten percent p/year will return what I spent for my system in about six years. Additionally, realizing that I will no longer be held hostage and subject to increasing costs by my utility company is very rewarding.<br /> Second is that Top Hat was the best choice hands down to do the work. Besides being the low bidder, and having the most positive reviews on the web was just additional justification for my choice. The work began at the worst time of the year but their crews worked in the rain and mud to get the job done.<br /> In short, I highly recommend this locally owned company over the many others out there.

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Steve Rosten | Anderson, California | 01/07/2019

Professional Company

In my opinion, you could not find a better solar company in the Redding area. I was really satisfied with the whole process, from getting the quote to finalize the install. They took care of all the permit paper work.

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DanH | Palo Cedro, California | 12/11/2018

Solar Installation

Top hat solar did a professional job in installing my solar. They helped me through the whole process of getting permits, helping me decide how big my solar array should be and following through with any questions I had. Great job.

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Hsiao Hu | Redding, California | 12/04/2018

Top Hat Solar Energy Top Notch

Great service at a good price. I recommend Top Hat. They are Top Notch !

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Michael O | Redding, California | 10/31/2018

Great work by Tophat

We had Top Hat install our system. It was our first solar system. A fantastic experience. Great customer service, absolutely no issues or problems. System is working great and Top Hat was always available to answer questions or concerns. I couldn't recommend them any higher. Great local company.

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