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Updated: 13 May 2021

Installing solar since 2010

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Jerry M | Tucson, Arizona | 08/30/2021

Great company to work with

We contracted w/ TFS at the end of 2019. Then the pandemic hit and we weren't sure what was going to happen to our business. TFS was willing to put the solar installation on hold until we were ready, no pressure to move forward. We eventually got back on track and had our solar installed. It works great! Our electric bill last month (July) was $18.

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Anonymous | Tucson, Arizona | 05/20/2011

I was promised the work to be done in a time frame of 3-4 days took 2.3 weeks.<br />Also had damage to my spa cover with tools or equipment set on top of the spa.<br /><br />Follow-up was poor on explaination of the sunpower website and had to request the information about tax info and manual on how the system works.<br /><br />Need better presentation of equipment install and follow up calls to handle information to monitor the system.<br /><br />I am happy with the system and look forward to saving money.<br />

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Al and Sandra Rosen | Tucson, Arizona | 05/13/2021

Job well done

Our solar installation experience was terrific. You all were responsive and on-time. You never left us guessing. Special kudos to Willy and his crew. They did a complex job efficiently and without any interference in our daily routine. They all seemed well organized, got along well with each other and enjoyed their work. Most importantly they installed the solar panels with minimal change to the appearance of our house and left the job site clean with nothing for us to pick up or restore.

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Lisa | Tucson, Arizona | 05/13/2021

Great work

TFS has done a great job for me installing solar. Actually twice! A few years ago before I moved, and just recently at my new home. After the first install, I knew I wouldn’t have used anyone else. They are trustworthy, professional, and know what they are doing!

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Leslie Lawson | Green Valley, Arizona | 04/09/2021

Very professional and personable.

TFS as a team was impressive. Tamarack communicated to us the different phases of the project which was very helpful in organizing our schedule. Mike and the other technicians completed the install efficiently with little disruption to our daily routine. Steve connected the monitoring unit and showed us how to monitor the system on our phone in an easy to follow manner. All in all we are very pleased with the service TFS provided.

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CGR | Tucson, Arizona | 03/03/2021

Great service and product with TFS

I can't say enough good things about TFS and how they walked us through the process of getting solar installed for our home. We got a customized set up and they answered all of my detailed 'engineer brain' questions with ease. After the install I hopped up on the roof to inspect their work - I was impressed! And since the system was turned on it has been producing quite a lot of energy. It will be so nice when summer rolls around, to be helping our AC system keep us comfortable in a more sustainable way. I didn't realize just how much water and CO2 production will be avoided over the years by switching to solar, and how we are also helping our neighbors by sharing our excess clean energy. Thank you TFS!

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Mark Dobbels | Marana, Arizona | 02/05/2021

Great to work with. Highly recommend.

Reviews highlighted responsiveness, reliability, attention to detail, customer service, employee owned and quality of materials. Would chose them again.

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Janet R | Tucson, Arizona | 07/09/2020

Very happy with TFS!

We chose this company after talking with several others, largely because of the clear presentation of system and payment options. Once we got started, all aspects of the process went smoothly and communication was consistently excellent, in spite of logistical challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone who came to our house wore masks (well before they were mandated) and most communication was done by phone and email. Our solar system is working splendidly and we are very happy to have guilt-free air conditioning during this ferocious summer!

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Dennis & Fay Peceniak | Tucson, Arizona | 06/11/2020

TFS is an amazing company.

TFS put our system in just a little over a year ago. We were so delighted with them at that time and still are. Recently, we noticed that we were not generating solar like we normally do. Upon looking at our layout on our app we saw one whole section of panels were not doing anything. We called TFS only to find out that they were already aware of it and working on the problem. Within two days, they were out and putting in a new invertor at NO cost to us. John, who came out could not have been more knowledgeable and efficient. He spent time answering all our questions (probably dumb ones). This company is so personable and professional. Everyone of them that we have talked with either on the phone or in person has made us feel that they totally care and love their jobs. We know people that are so unhappy with the solar company that did theirs. They get no answers to their questions and rarely even get a return call. Too bad they didn’t go with TSF because that’s not how they treat their customers. Thank you TSF for caring!

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Ingrid K | Tucson, Arizona | 05/06/2020

Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) in Tucson as your Solar Installation company. They had very professional crews, work was done right the first time, and the areas cleaned up. At the initial meeting we appreciated the ability to real-time compare different number of panels to cover the peak-usage without detriment to the pay-back period. We are very happy with the PV systems with SunPower panels.

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Kazen Brenda | Tucson, Arizona | 04/16/2020

Technicians for Sustainability were very professional.

Everyone did what they said they would when they said they would.

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Job well done | Tucson, Arizona | 04/11/2020

Job well done.

They talked me through the whole process and quickly and comprehensively answered all the questions I had. They took care of everything and there was great communication throughout the process, too. Really took all the complexity out of the process. Then, when the second progress payment was due, I was out of the country for a few weeks and couldn't immediately send a check. According to the contract they wouldn't have continued with the work till I paid but after explaining the situation they continued anyway without any more questions (I really didn't expect or even ask them to). After the installation it took only a few days to have the inspection done (they took care of this, too) and have the system up and running. My neighbor had Solar installed last month from a different company (against my recommendation) and they had to wait almost a month for the inspection. After everything was complete, they checked back a few times to see if I had any problems (I didn't). I had noticed a few minor air pockets under the coating they had put around the stands of the panels, nothing serious and I wouldn't even have mentioned it, but as they asked, I pointed it out. They came out to fix those and in the process completed some coating on a different part of the roof where I had done some unrelated work but hadn't been able to finish, yet. Oh, and the online monitoring is way more interesting to watch than it's supposed to be!

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