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Miriam de Jonge | Saint Louis, Missouri | 02/25/2023

Fantastic, knowledgeable, communicative and purpose-driven

Could not be happier with my experience at StraightUp Solar. They guided me through the process every step of the way, communication was excellent, and they offered many chances to ask questions, and were patient and clear answering my questions. The installation crew was polite, professional, tidy and accommodating. I'm so excited to have gone solar, if you are looking to go solar too, I'd highly recommend this company!

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Dave Wrobel | Chesterfield, Missouri | 02/05/2022

Echo others comments regarding hidden costs

We were presented with a $3500 added cost for 3-9 foot piers in concrete for our ground mount array only after having paid over half of the $25,000 cost - when they presented their pre-permit request for approval. One would think this was predictable. We're considering cancellation, costing at least $1000, rather than risk further surprises.

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Reply from StraightUp Solar: In the current pandemic environment, our Project Developers meet with customers remotely and view photos of the home, roof, and site. Judging the landscape and slope of the site from an aerial satellite view can be difficult. Before the installation begins, we come out to the home and perform a tech-on-site to best understand the unique conditions of the home and site. We apologize for not identifying the slope conditions of your house in the sales discussion, and going forward, our Project Developers will ask about site and grade conditions in their initial conversations with the customer.

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Eric | Normal, Illinois | 02/21/2023

Great Install

I've had solar arrays installed at two locations in McLean County by StraightUp Solar. I had a great experience with the entire StraightUp Solar team. From initial design and cost analysis through installation, there were no surprises. They worked with Corn Belt Energy on the first and Ameren on the second. One was a ground mount on a farm property and the other on my home roof. Clean installations that are aesthetically pleasing. StraightUp has local crews and an office in Central Illinois. Having a company like StraightUp to support the product after installation is the most important factor in deciding who to buy from.

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Danville Gardens | Danville, Illinois | 12/14/2022

Very pleases with the Solar Project

Straight-up Solar did an excellent job installing our solar panels. They installed a 89 Kw system. We own a business, and it looks like we are going to save around $7K a year!! I was very happy with the staff, all the way from salesmen to installers. The system is working very well and our bill has been reduced to practically nothing. In fact, I believe we may be producing more than we need. Time will tell. The system has been working for a year so far, and we have had no problems. I would recommend Straight -Up Solar to anyone

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Reply from StraightUp Solar: Thank you for your positive review! We are very happy that you are satisfied with your system and the expectations we set for your project and our partnership for the long-term. Congratulations to you for taking control of your energy costs and helping to create a sustainable future.

RTV | Delavan, Illinois | 08/30/2021

Excellent service and support.

We have solar panels for our farming operation and greatly enjoy the benefits of clean energy.

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Linda Giles | Normal, Illinois | 07/06/2021

They were a good compnay to work with.

They guided me through the setup process and various forms needed and answered any questions. The only problem is that the office I dealt with at the time was the St. Louis one, so there was often a wait-time for technicians to be in the area.

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Rural Southern Illinios | Grantsburg, Illinois | 07/06/2021

No complaints!

Straight up solar installed a system for my rural home and garage set up about six years ago. I was satisfied with the planning, the work, and the outcome of the installation. At my level of energy usage, I have been able to sell energy credit almost every month and have not paid for electricity since the installation. I have no complaints! And I recommend them without reservation.

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John | Urbana, Illinois | 07/06/2021

kept every promise and continue supportive services

Even after several years, I continue to be impressed with Straight-Up Solar. Our area experienced a hail storm last year that required a total roof replacement, yet the solar panels were unharmed. However, they did have to be removed and re-installed to allow the roofing. Straight Up was timely and efficient in this process. The panels continue to perform at expected levels and my electric bills are unbelievably low.

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David B | El Paso, Illinois | 07/06/2021

Professional and Great Craftsmanship

We chose StraightUp Solar to install our ground-mounted solar array because of their experience, professionalism, and longevity in Illinois. The did what they said they would do and I am very happy with my system.

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Jennaver Brown | Belleville, Illinois | 06/25/2020

Service after the Sale

So the biggest fear you have when a group of guys drills 400 holes into your new roof is a leak right? We got one - and these guys jumped on it and stayed on it until they sourced the problem out. They were responsive, they were professional and they are reimbursing us for the small amount of ceiling damage that resulted. Leaks happen, its the service after the sale that separates the pros from the shmos. Kudos to Straight Up - From sales to installation to service, these folks have earned this 5 star review.

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Ryan H. | Normal, Illinois | 07/22/2019


Straight-up solar is very pushy when it comes to closing the sales deal. They will say anything to get you to sign the papers, and it's nothing short of a predatory loan. First of all, let me be very clear that YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY by going to solar -- not a chance for what you have to pay up front. Our system cost $32,517 for a 9.6KW array. Regardless whether you take out a loan or pay up front, even after federal rebates, you still won't break even in at least 10 years. I'm not going to dive into too much details of the financial argument, but just know that they'll say anything to make you believe otherwise. Then, there's the local utility company requirements -- $1 million dollar mandatory liability insurance -- a major hurdle that would significantly affect your ability to sell your house, should you move. This is because whomever inherits your solar panels would have to buy additional insurance as well -- as long as it sits on the roof. On top of this, your accumulated solar power, is reset every quarter to zero! YES, if you collected 1500KW total in the spring and hope to use it in the summer, sorry, you CAN'T. The local utility company resets it after May 31st, wiping out all your gains. None of those were disclosed to us before we signed the paper. I had to find this out from someone in the City Hall. After our panels were installed, it was generating 2/3 of it's capacity for over 45 days! None of their "engineers" could tell us why until the "head engineer" came and found a wire wasn't connected. Lastly, if you decide to go with those guys, you should hope you will NEVER move. As stated above, having panels on your roof affects your ability to sell your home. If you want to take down the panels, they charge you a ridiculous $7,000 for the labor only, NOT INCLUDING POTENTIAL ROOF DAMAGE REPAIRS. Note that the average cost to remove panels in the US is about $1,000 to $2,000 tops. I spoke to someone at another solar company and they were shocked to hear the $7,000 quote. The bottom line is, you need to do a lot of research before you go solar. I learned the lesson the hard way. I am a strong advocate of environmental protection and I sincerely hoped those guys shared the same passion. To my utter dismay, Straight Up does not share this passion. They are NOT in the business to make the world a better place but only to make themselves rich.

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Bruce'K | Highland, Illinois | 05/14/2018

My project

When I decided to go solar I was hoping to lower my electrical usage. The installation was quick and done professional and no problems occured. Well the system has been gatherings solar energy the last two months and my last 2 electrical bills have been no better than before. A minor deduction but nothing to brag about. For me this has been a horrible decision. Maybe my next couple of bills will surprise me but I doubt it. A bad investment for me or maybe I was expecting to much.

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Reply from StraightUp Solar: Bruce, We will reach you in the next 24 hours to discuss this. We've looked at your monitoring and your system is producing as much, if not slightly better than, projected! It is likely something as simple as a billing error.<br /><br />As a reminder, your system purchase includes phone support. So do call us directly with any concerns or issues you're having. <br /><br />In addition your system is fully warrantied so in the unlikely event there were to be a problem with it, you would be assured of a remedy to achieve the production your system was designed for.<br /><br />Look forward to helping you out as soon as possible<br /><br />Betsy Ford, Customer Care Manager

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Founded in 2006, StraightUp Solar is a self-performing turn-key solar photovoltaic energy capture and storage system design, installation, and maintenance provider.

Certified as a B Corporation, StraightUp Solar's design and installation portfolio ranges from 2KW residential rooftop systems to 1.8MW municipal and commercial ground-mount installations.

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