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Installing solar since 2016

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Service types

Residential solar - Grid tied

Commercial solar - Grid tied

Residential solar - Hybrid solar systems

Residential solar - Off-grid systems

Utility scale solar sales and installation

Solar installation - DIY customers

Pika / Generac Energy Storage

LG Chem solar batteries

SolarEdge - StorEdge

Roof replacement - Shingles

Roof replacement - Metal roofs

Slate roofing - Repairs and roof replacement

About SolarAIR and Energy

Full Service Residential and Commercial Installer. We emphasize produce and reduce - with synergy solutions with Bosch HVAC, insulation, and other EEPs.

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South Carolina - Mt Pleasant

1156 Bowman Rd, Mt Pleasant SC, 29464



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1156 Bowman Rd, Mt Pleasant SC, 29464