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Sierra Norta Scottsdale Az over 1 month

installation of a 16.5 kW system with two batteries by Tesla crew lead by Steve Leon. Took 2 days as promised with any problems, damage or inconvenience to us. The Crew was hard working and efficient, always pleasant, and answered questions respectfully and accurately. Paul and a couple of guys working on the electrical were very efficient and explained each step in their process. The roof crew moved quickly and in the most impressive manner managed to make the most attractive installation of 48 panels on four sides of my two story home. The entire job was quick and clean, all repairs required were performed and stucco, sheetrock, and tile repairs were very well done. Joe did a wonderful job in painting all visible conduit. Steve should be complimented in the moving of his crews in the most efficient manner. One problem in re-permitting because of changes to the inverters was reported and is being addressed.

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$17,548 - $21,448

Average payback time

Annual power production

16,998 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

5¢ kWh

If you don't get solar

17¢ kWh

Forecast average FL electric rates over the next 25 years

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Here at Solar Sage we are extremely passionate about renewable energy and also giving home owners here in Central Florida the ability to take control of the high rising electrical costs via the utility provider. We are currently holding free Energy Consultations and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and your family to go over the finer details on switching to solar and saving today. We not only specialize in Solar PV (Photovoltaic/Electrical) but also Solar Thermal Systems for Water Heaters/Pools, Energy Efficient Add Ons such as Smart Thermostats, Digital Water Heater Timer, LED Lighting, Insulation, Solar Attic Fans, etc. We also have access to many backup battery systems that can be integrated into your Solar PV system to be used in case of blackouts from the utility provider. Unlike some other Solar companies, here at Solar Sage we take care of everything in house.

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